Australia is a truly multi-cultural society with great schools and universities, a fabulous public healthcare system (Medicare), beautiful homes – many with pools, stunning beaches, incredible sports facilities, and Australians take home some of the highest salaries in the world!

The Australian visa system, however, can be hard to navigate. The points tested skilled visa program is a lottery. People can spend thousands on English tests, skills assessments, and migration assistance without ever being invited to apply for an Australian visa. It’s a highly competitive and sophisticated system that advantages some people and disadvantages others.

Worldpool offers a different path to people who dream of making Australia their home, even though they may not qualify for a points tested skilled visa, may not have the qualifications required for a migration skills assessment, or may be over 45 years of age (generally the upper age limit for skilled migration to Australia).

Our mission is to:

  • work with ethical Australian employers willing to provide migrants with a pathway to permanent residence;
  • help skilled people hoping to move to Australia to understand if they can be sponsored; have skills which are in demand in the Australian job market and have a realistic prospect of securing a job and sponsorship in Australia;
  • provide Australian employers struggling to fill critical jobs with access to our Worldpool of overseas skilled workers, who’ve already been pre-assessed for visa purposes;

Who we are

Worldpool’s team are all migrants who have successfully navigated the hoops and hurdles of the skilled migration and employer sponsored visa programs. Achieving Australian permanent residence and citizenship has transformed our lives, and now … we are here to help you!

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